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™, a single codebase for all your platforms

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Flutteris is the first fully dedicated

Flutter competence center in the Benelux

Flutter is powerful and accessible
Flutter is a cross-platform UX development framework from Google.
With one single codebase you obtain native code application for mobile (Android and iOS), desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux), Raspberry PI and Web.
Flutter is the future, plain and simple
Flutter is one of the 10 most-starred repos on GitHub, and is the #1 fastest-growing skill among mobile software engineers
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Flutteris Co-Sourcing offer


Focus on your core processes while keeping full control


We deliver knowledge, experience and expertise to your current team


We deliver agility to your teams, bottom up


We are in full control over the schedule and budget


Are you looking for cross-platform mobile development? You may not have in-house resources to achieve this. Flutteris provides experts to work alongside your staff and fill any position/skill that could be missing. Our experts will bring in the needed resources and expertise and train your team as needed.


You just started with Flutter? You already have a couple of months' experience but want to know how to improve your knowledge or project? Flutteris will be more than happy to coach you along your way or just do an audit, but will love to do more…


Flutteris's favorite method of doing training is training on the job. You might want to start a project in Flutter© and want your team to follow a training session? Let Flutteris be your trainer and make a training session that fulfills your needs today.


Besides the other types of services, Flutteris can help you do proof of concepts, code review, or enforce your team with additional experience (architecture and/or development).

Flutteris offers a wide range list of services.

Our team has great experience with all scenario's to help you improve strategies.

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